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What Is            

 Generative AI?

AI as a Part of Our Toolkit at Media Cause

A clearly observable trend is that we are seeing the productivity tools we use every day rapidly evolve. Grammarly has new features enhanced by AI to help us write better. Tools for meetings are incorporating AI to make transcription and the next steps coming out of meetings a breeze.  

Whenever there are opportunities to leverage productivity tools enhanced by AI to gain more efficiency, higher quality work output, or better meet goals for our clients we will look for every opportunity to do so responsibly.

Generative AI specifically is an area where we see great potential to support and augment our strategic process.  We believe it is a way to fine-tune and elevate our work, helping us maximize the impact we can make for clients. Ways we might use the tools include:

1 / Producing suggestions for content and assisting with the versioning of content by audience, with all work reviewed, edited, and finalized by a human.

2 / To create a jumping off point for code / script to use in technical applications, which will then be further reviewed / augmented by a human developer.

3 / Versioning copy / content according to different target audiences or other versioning parameters with human involvement in finalizing the output.

4 / To assist with CRM / sales activities or data review and synthesis.

5 / To help summarize unstructured notes.

Our Guiding Principles for Responsible AI Usage at Media Cause

Rest assured—these tools won’t replace your marketing team and certainly not your agency. Our people are what makes our work so great, and while these tools are great aids to speed up some of the more tedious processes, they don’t replace our knowledge and strategy.

1 / We prioritize data security

/ We seek to avoid ethical conflicts.

3 / We seek to avoid legal conflict.

4 / We stay curious, continually looking for ways to leverage AI tools responsibly to become more efficient and create a greater impact for our clients while maintaining the high standards our clients expect from us.

Our Approach to Generative AI


It’s important to note that generative AI is still in its early stages and evolving every day. At Media Cause, we’re constantly educating ourselves to better understand what’s happening. 

There are AI tools many of us already use —think autocomplete and proofreading tools like Grammarly. And with big names like Google slowly bringing new AI features to their online suite, we see a future where AI and natural language models will soon be a part of everything we use.

To be as transparent as possible, we’re sharing a bit about our internal approach to generative AI and how we will—and will not—use the tools in our work. Here's how we plan to utilize these tools while still holding up the ethics of our work

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Ryan Fuquea

Sarah Ackerman

You’ve likely heard of the rise of artificial intelligence in today’s world, and maybe even apps like ChatGPT. For many people, this has instilled a sense of fear—will these tools replace my job? Will they spread false information? Take over the world?

While advanced and ever-changing, this technology is nothing to fear. In fact, when used properly, it can help free up time spent on tedious tasks—both from a personal and professional standpoint.

AI has been around for a while, but there’s currently a lot of buzz around what's called generative AI. This type of artificial intelligence uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data patterns and create original content such as text, images, video, and audio. 

For further reading on key concepts around generative AI and one of the most disruptive and active new technologies in this space, ChatGPT,  we recommend these resources:

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Lessons from Marketer’s experience with Generative AI


We are revisiting our point of view on these tools on an ongoing basis. As thoughts develop and change in the general discourse on issues such as attribution for generated content based on datasets used to train AI, copyright concerns, and ethics, we will adapt our policies accordingly to work in our client’s best interests.

We know new AI tools can be a lot to take in, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic—let us know any ideas or questions you may have using the form below.