The Media Cause team has been using Classy’s modern fundraising software on behalf of our nonprofit clients for the past 7+ years. We have partnered closely with many members of the Classy team to make key improvements to the platform, from tracking updates and new integrations to feature beta testing and documentation writing.

Have some unique tracking challenges? No problem! Our team can help analyze your tracking infrastructure, determine the issues you are experiencing, and pull in our team of developers to help create a solution for your organization.

 This package will still integrate with Classy's Google Tag Manager integration, Media Cause will help get place any custom code needed to optimize your Google Tag Manager Account and Tags. 

This work will be scoped out as a time & materials contract based not the scope of work that needs to be completed. 

Cost: Per Hour/ $250


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"I cannot say enough good things about working with Media Cause. Their team has become experts in leveraging GTM tracking and analytics with Classy's platform, which enables mutual customers to deepen their understanding of campaign performance during crucial fundraising times. I've been so impressed at their ability to manage both customers who are new to analytics and also seasoned enterprise organizations looking for more custom solutions. The MediaCause team has truly elevated the value of the Classy GTM integration for our nonprofit customers! "

– Erin Hall, Product Marketing Manager, Classy

Media Cause x Classy Services

We have a full range of services designed for nonprofits that currently use Classy or plan to in the future. Let us help you unlock the platform’s potential so you can free up staff time and increase your impact. We can guide you through the process from setup to training and everything in between.

  • Classy + Google Tag Manager Implementation

  • Classy + Google Analytics 4 Implementation

  • Classy Platform Setup

  • Classy Platform Migration

  • Classy Platform Integration

  • Classy Fundraising Campaign Planning and Execution

  • Classy Conversion Tracking Setup

  • Classy Staff Training

  • Classy Documentation

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Success Story 

Direct Relief Tops 35% Conversion Rate by Prioritizing Donors and Data

Media Cause worked diligently to set up Google Analytics Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 tracking for Direct Relief, prior to launching on Classy. Media Cause simply hooked up Classy’s data layer with Direct Relief’s existing Google Analytics account.